Professor Leonid Gretchihin from the Republic of Belarus has visited the Military Technical Courier

01. 03. 2013

Full time professor of the Minsk state higher aviation kollege, the Republic of Belarus, dr Leonid Ivanovich Gretchihin, who had been invited by the Editorial Board, has visited the Military Technical Courier in the period from 24.2 to 28.2 2013 as its future member.

During his visit, he was acquainted with the work of the Editorial office exchanging the experience of publishing scientific and professional papers with the Lieutenant Colonel Nebojsa Gacesa. Because of his academic competence, he gave directions to the Editorial Office how to improve its future work to accomplish more results.
During his visit, the Professor Grečihin also visited the University of Defence in Belgrade where he was received by the Rector of the University, general lieutenant colonel prof. dr. Miodrag Jevtić, with his colleagues. Mutual enthusiasm for future cooperation in the exchange of teaching and research cadre and participation in the common projects of mutual interest has been highlighted. As a recognized and famous scientist as well as a big friend of our country, the Professor presented many projects where our scientist could also take part in.

The Professor Grečihin also visited the Military Technical Institute where he was received by the director, colonel dr Zoran Rajić. During his visit, the Professor was acquainted with the scientific and human resources of the Institute, the Airforce projects, and the possibilities for future cooperation of the Ministriy of Defence and the Military Technical Institute with Belarus. The Professor Grečihin informed the participants about some of the significant results of the scientific-research activities in Belarus stressing that there is a big interest to continue and improve mutual cooperation through new projects. The Professor visited also the Sector for experimental aerodynamics and the Sector for Air force at the Military Technical Institute. The Professor Grečihin also delivered the lecture on aerodynamics to the members of the Military Technical Institute.

At the end of his stay, at the reception of the Media Centre „Defence”, which is the editor of the Military Technical Courier, the director, lieutenant colonel Slavoljub Marković, thanked the honored guest for his visit.

While leaving, the Professor Grečihin visited the Air force museum at the Belgrade airport „NikolaTesla”.

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