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Scientific research competence area


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Marko D. Andrejić


Milenko S. Andrić

digital signal processing, pattern recognition and classification, signals and systems, stochastic processes in telecommunications and radar systems, time-frequency signal processing, phase logic systems

Miloš Ž. Arsić

logistics management

Saša T. Bakrač

environmental protection, environmental risk assessment, eco-management

Vojislav J. Batinić

general mechanical engineering constructions

Dragana Bečejski-Vujaklija

business information systems, business intelligence, ERP, IT management

Stevan M. Berber

telecommunications, wireless communications, CDMA, OFDM systems, sensor network, computer systems in real time,processing of stochastic signals

Boban P. Bondžulić

digital image processing, digital signal processing and its applications, image and video quality assessment, image fusion

Mirko A. Borisov

geodetic engineering, geomatics, geographic information systems, digital terrain models, cartography, geodesy, multimedia cartography, web mapping

Darko I. Božanić

multi-criteria decision making, management in defense

Uglješa S. Bugarić

operational research,mass service,terotechnology –maintenance, transportation and storage systems

Obrad T. Čabarkapa

industrial property, protection of intellectual and industrial property, patent protection, project management, mechanical engineering, armaments, project management

Nada M. Čitaković


Goran D. Dikić

automatic control systems, target tracking, missile guidance and control systems

Snežana M. Dragićević

energy efficiency, mechanical engineering, solar energy, thermal engineering

Čedomir V. Duboka

engines, motor vehicles

Boban D. Đorović

processes and methods in traffic and transportation, transportation networks, transport organization

Vlado P. Đurković

applied mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies

Željko M. Đurović

signal processing, systems control, pattern recognition


Ljubomir J. Gigović

geography, geographic information system, geospatial analysis

Miro J.Govedarica


Vadim L. Haikov

internal and external ballistics, computer mathematics

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Damir D. Jerković

weapons, numerical analysis, CFD simulation, externalballistics, ballistics, terminal ballistics,weapons integration

Mitar T. Jocanović

tribology and theory of lubrication, maintenance of technological systems, hydraulic systems

Vukica M. Jovanović

mechanical engineering

Radovan M. Karkalić

chemical technology (nuclear-chemical-biological protection, detection, identification and decontamination)

Vladimir A. Katić

power electronics, electric machines, electric power systems and stations, electric power quality, renewable energy sources

Sanja Lj. Korica


Ana I. Kostov

materials science, chemical technologies, metallurgy

Mirko S. Kozić

mechanics of fluids, computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamic load

Komlen G. Lalović

information technology, programming, data protection

Slavoljub S. Lekić


Marija Z.Malnar

electrical engineering - telecommunications

Vasilije M. Manović

environmental protection, chemical engineering


Jaromir Mares

logistics, logistic support,environmental protection, protection at work, risk assessment

Dejan M. Micković

construction of classic weapons, automatic weapons, internal ballistics



Bojan Č. Milanović

microwave engineering, antennas

Nadica S. Miljković

biomedical signal processing, e-health, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, electrophysiology

Zoran Đ. Miljković

manufacturing technology, machining processes, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and machine learning, artificial neural networks, intelligent manufacturing systems and processes, decision-making methods

Srđan T. Mitrović

mobile robots, real time control, fuzzy logic, fuzzy control, microprocessing systems, system control (automation), vehicle navigation algorithms, naval combat and navigation systems

Dragan D. Mladenović

information security, cyber security, cyber conflict, cyber warfare, information technology, international law, emerging technologies

Slavko R. Muždeka

motor vehicles, combat vehicles

Dragan S. Pamučar

traffic engineering, operational research

Boban Z. Pavlović

telecommunication networks, quality of service, telecommunication traffic

Sreten R. Perić

mechanical engineering

Slavko J. Pokorni

reliability, maintainability and system maintenance (hardware, software, human), infrared radiation, information and communication technologies

Miroslav V. Popović

computer engineering

Stojan N. Radenović


Jugoslav R. Radulović

ammunition, management, quality

Andreja B. Samčović

multimedia, image and signal compression, information security

Vlada S. Sokolović

maintenance, technical support, integrated navigation systems, GPS, GNSS, satellite systems, logistics

Srećko S. Stopić

hydrometallurgy, nanotechnology, chemical synthesis, recycling, environmental protection

Tomislav B. Šekara

control of processes withconcentrated and distributed parameters, industrial regulators with optimum performance, fraction laws of control in industrial application, process characterisation, adequate signal discretisation and processing, sensors and actuators, electric energy compensation and saving in electric energy distribution systems

Goran P.Šimić

information systems, computer science, programming, databases, artificial intelligence

Ljubiša K. Tančić

internal ballistics, armaments

Ivan A. Tot

databases, information systems, information system security

Slaviša I. Vlačić

air traffic, system control, automatic control, vehicle navigation, naval combat and navigation systems,simulation

Dragoljub A. Vujić

applied mechanics, diagnostics, sofisticated systems for technical system maintenance

Ivan B. Vulić

information systems, geographic information systems

Mladen M. Vuruna

military-chemical engineering (propulsion agents, toxicological agents, protection against NHB weapons, environmental protection)

Bojan M. Zrnić

sensor systems, strategic planning



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