The list of the reviewers of the Military Technical Courier in 2023

The Military Technical Courier is inviting its reviewers currently registered in the ASSISTANT electronic editing system – and all other prospective reviewers as well – to register in WoS, according to the instructions on the page Registration in Web of Science.


First name, middle initial and last name

Field of competence (scientific interest)


Web of Science ResearcherID

Stojan Radenović


Zoran Đ. Miljković

machining technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and machine learning, artificial neural networks, intelligent technological systems and processes, decision-making methods

Dušan Nikezić

machine learning, neural networks

Goran Ćirović

operational research

Boban Z. Pavlović

telecommunication networks, service quality, telecommunications traffic

Andreja Samčović

electronics, telecommunications, IT, crypto-protection, multimedia

Ivan A. Tot

databases, information systems, protection of information systems

Aleksandar Bukvić

mechanical engineering

Damir D. Jerković

armament, numerical analysis, CFD simulation, external ballistics, ballistics, on-target ballistics, armament integration

Srećko Stopić

materials and chemical technologies

Nada M. Čitaković


Ana Kostov

materials and chemical technologies

Zoran Maksimović


Rale Nikolić


Goran Marković


Aleksandar Radević

construction materials and concrete technology

Miodrag Regodić


Dejan Drajić


Vladimir A. Katić

power electronics, electric machines, electric drives, quality of electricity, renewable sources of electricity

Dimitrije Bujaković

digital signal processing

Boban Sazdić-Jotić

artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, electronic warfare


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