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is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal.
The owners of the journal are the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Armed Forces.
The publisher and financier of the Military Technical Courier is the University of Defence in Belgrade (Military Academy).
The program of the journal is based on the annual classification of journals performed by a relevant Ministry as well as on its indexing in international indexing databases.
The journal covers scientific and professional fields within the educational-scientific field of Natural-Mathematical Sciences, as well as within the educational-scientific field of Technical-Technological Sciences, and especially the field of defense sciences and technologies. It publishes theoretical and practical achievements leading to professional development of all members of Serbian, regional and international academic communities as well as members of the military and ministries of defence in particular. It publishes papers with balanced coverage of analytical, experimental, and applied research as well as numerical simulations from various disciplines. The material published is of high quality and relevance, written in a manner that makes it accessible to a wider readership. The journal welcomes papers reporting original theoretical and/or practice-oriented research as well as extended versions of already published conference papers. Manuscripts for publication are selected through a double-blind peer-review process to validate their originality, relevance, and readability. This being so, the objective is not only to keep the quality of published papers high but also to provide a timely, thorough, and balanced review process.
More detailed guidelines for authors are available at Call for papers.
The editorial policy of the Military Technical Courier is based on the COPE Core Practices, common COPE, DOAJ, OASPA and WAME Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing as well as on the best accepted practices in scientific publishing. The Military Technical Courier has been a COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) member since 2nd May 2018 and a member of OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association) since 27th November 2015. The editorial office applies Checklist for open access publishers on implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. This document is part of the UNESCO Open Science Toolkit, designed to support implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. It has been produced in partnership with OASPA.
The Military Technical Courier, in terms of its content, offers the possibility of open access (DIAMOND OPEN ACCESS) and applies Creative Commons (CC BY) licence on copyright. This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.
The categorization of the Military Technical Courier is determined by the ministry in charge of scientific research, according to the Regulations on categorization and ranking of scientific journals (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No 159/20).
The information of the Military Technical Courier categorization can be found on the page Journal categorisation.
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The journal is published quarterly:
- Number 1 (January-March),
- Number 2 (April-June),
- Number 3 (July-September), and
- Number 4 (October-December).

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History of the Journal

The first printed issue of the Military Technical Courier was published on 1st January 1953, pursuant to Decree No 9 on its formation and publishing, dated 27th August 1952, and Decree No 11 on forming the editorial board, dated 16th December 1952, of the Yugoslav Army Chief of  Staff. 


Five journals of army services and branches preceded the Military Technical Courier – Artillery Courier, Tank Courier, Courier of Engineering and Chemical Units of the Yugoslav Army, Courier of Communications and Logistics and Support of the Yugoslav Army.



These journals had been published from 1947 until the end of 1952 when the decree on forming the Military Technical Courier was passed.

The Military Technical Courier will pay special tributes to the military technical publications published in our country before 1945 (in the Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia). The following reviews represent the foundations of the Serbian military technology reasoning: Artillery and Engineering Courier (1905-1906), Artillery Courier (1926-1932), Infantry and Artillery Courier (1933-1941), Engineering Courier (1929-1940), Aviation Courier (1927-1941) and Nautical Courier (1933-1940). There is no doubt that their quality and professional profiles paved also the way to today’s Military Technical Courier.


Unlike journals of branches and services, the Military Technical Courier was published monthly, with around 1000 pages a year.


It covered technology, technical services, engineering technology, communication technology, transportation, education, logistics organization and services, quartermaster units, medical corps, veterinary corps, etc. A separate section of the journal covered scientific and technological news as well as reports from foreign armies.

The editorial board of the Military Technical Courier started publishing the supplement Military Economics Survey from 1953, covering finance and quartermaster issues. After being published as a supplement in the Military Technical Courier from 1953 to 1956, the Military Economy Survey used to be issued as an independent publication from 1957 to 1979 when it changed the title into Logistics and continued to appear until 1992.

From 1958 to 1973, the Military Technical Courier followed the changes in the Army, its branches and services, thus forming new sections dealing with different fields such as geodesy, motors, ammunition, overhaul, fuels, rocket technique, nomenclature, protective equipment, corrosion protection, fire service equipment, technical upgrading, weapons, ordnance, etc. Supplements on particular topics were published frequently.


For its 25th anniversary, the Military Technical Courier was decorated with the Order of Military Merits with Great Star for its outstanding results in accomplishing tasks of special interest for defence by Decree of the President of the SFRY No 157 of 12 December 1977.

The journal continued to improve its conception, orientation, quality and position thus becoming a scientific and professional periodical highly regarded not only in military circles but in academic and scientific circles in the country as well.


The year 1992 brought an important anniversary- forty years of publication. The numbers illustrating that period can be interesting: 35,650 pages printed in360 issues, with 4,280 scientific and professional author papers, 2,450 reports on science and technology from foreign periodicals and 3,300 reports on technology news and interesting topics.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the Military Technical Courier transformed itself within a general transformation of the Yugoslav National Army into the Army of Yugoslavia, enhancing its multi-branch structure with new topics and contributors from the technical services of the Navy and the Air Force. 

According to the Opinion of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development No 413-00-1201/2001-01 of 12th September 2001, the Military Technical Courier is a publication of special interest for science.

The 50th anniversary of publication was celebrated in 2002. On 42,400 pages, 415 issues presented 4,800 scientific and professional papers, 2,840 reports from foreign periodicals and 3,780 technical news and interesting topics. For this jubilee, the Military Technical Courier was awarded the Order of the Yugoslav Army 3rd Class for its contribution to professional and scientific modernization of the Yugoslav Army, awarded by the President of the FR Yugoslavia’s Decree on Decoration No 1/2-01-0004/2002-38 of 4th November 2002.


The first electronic edition of the Military Technical Courier on the Internet appeared on 1st January 2011.


The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, by the Order No 12-15 of 8th August 2012 of Defence Minister, awarded a Military Memorial Medal for outstanding contribution to the defence of the Republic of Serbia to the Military Technical Courier at a celebration marking 60 years of its regular and continuous publishing.

During past decades, an outstanding contribution to the development and affirmation of the Military Technical Courier came from its editorial boards (editorial councils) and its editors-in-chief. We are grateful for their work on constant adapting and improving the conception, content and quality of the journal.

The collaboration with civilian and technical universities and institutions from the country and abroad was always of special interest for the Military Technical Courier. Their members contributed immensely not only by participating in editorial board activities but also by their high-quality paper reviews.

Nowadays the Military Technical Courier is not only an institutional resource being developed within the defence system from 1953, but also a brand of national interest. 

As a unique and competent publication on a national level, the Military Technical Courier publishes and verifies scientific and professional papers, those of the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Army of Serbia in particular, who thus have the opportunity to quantify their scientific and research results. 

The Military Technical Courier will continue to represent the scientific potential of the Army of Serbia and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and to support the efforts of institutions and individuals aiming at solving existing problems and making improvement in all areas of military technical science. 

Former editors in chief of the Military Technical Courier:

1. Col Dobrivoje Avramović (No 1/1953 and from No 7/1960 to No 9/1960),
2. Col Vojislav M. Ilić (from No 2/1953 to No 6/1960),
3. Col Zdravko Verbić (from No 10/1960 to No 5/1966),
4. Col Slavko Čolić (from No 6/1966 to No 7/1968),
5. Col Radisav Brajović (from No 8/1968 to 6/1973),
6. Col Stanimir Ćirić (from No 1/1974 to No 3/1974),
7. Lt Col Nikola Zorić j(from No 4/1974 to No 3/1978),
8. Col Miroslav Ćojbašić (from No 4/1978 to 6/1989 and from No3-4/1994 to No 2/2000),
9. Col Tomislav Štulić (from No 1/1990 to No 6/1991),
10. Col Živojin Grujić MSc (from No 1/1992 to No 6/1993),
11. Lt Col Vladimir Ristić (from No 1/1994 to No 2/1994),
12. Col Stevan Josifović (from No 3/2000 to No 1/2007),
13. Lt Col Nebojša Gaćeša MSc (from No 2/2007),
14. Dragan Pamučar PhD (from No 3/2021).

Formers editors in the Editorial Office of the Military Technical Courier:

Sergej Altuhov, Anto Bašić, Nikodim Brčerović, Petar Vojnović,
Dušan Đurović, Vojislav Jorgaćijević, Todor Knežević, Milan Kontić,
Rado Lacković, Jovan Milošević, Aleksandar Maksimović, Milan Pavković,
Ilija Petrović, Savo Radivojević, Juraj Radonja, Martin Rosandić,
Milenko Stajin, Momčilo Stojićević, Milija Torbica, Vladimir Ćeranić,
Vladimir Udovčić, Branislav Cvetković and others.

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