Military Technical Courier applies the ASEESTANT – the updated electronic editing service

24. 07. 2012

As of 24 July 2012, the Military Technical Courier applies a new service for online editing – ASEESTANT (, developed by CEON/CEES (Center for Evaluation in Education and Science). ASEESTANT is a part of the international SEESAME system aiming at journals in the Southeast Europe. It is based on the experience of CEON/CEES, with 26 national journals having been included into the e-Ur program since 2011.

The new system represents a significant update, particularly in the functions regarding journal quality.

Besides the functions already developed, verified and updated within the e-Ur, ASEESTANT offers more newly developed ones:

  • Semiautomatic formatting of references in accordance with a chosen citation style (RefFormatter),
  • Automatic verification of matching a citation in the text with the corresponding one in the reference list (CiteMatcher),
  • Proofreading service for papers in English (EdService).

ASEESTANT also offers a new, simpler and clearer graphic interface.

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