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23. 12. 2011

From 1 January 2012, the Military Technical Courier starts applying the on-line Electronic Editing (e-Ur) system (http://scindeks-eur.ceon.rs/index.php/vtg) developed by the Center for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON).

The service is intended to improve the editing efficiency as well as the quality and regularity of the peer review procedure; it also aims at preventing duplicate publishing and plagiarism, upgrading the article layout and, consequently, enhancing the quality and impact of the journal itself as well as that of the SCIndex base as a whole.

The application of the e-Ur service shows the readiness of the Military Technical Courier, supported by IT technology, authors and the CEON, to endure in making constant advances in the influence, quality and internationalisation of papers, the journal and the base, including the progress in adherence to international ethical and publishing principles.

The electronic editing system will make the complete editing procedure faster, less complicated and more transparent, enabling the authors to follow their papers through all the phases of the editing procedure.

The instructions for the service can be found on the page Instructions for e-Ur: Electronic Editing

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