Cyrillic domain of the Military Technical Courier on the Internet

23. 12. 2014

As of 22 December 2014, the Military Technical Courier is available on the Internet in the Cyrillic alphabet as well, at the address втг.мо.упр.срб.
Besides the domain .rs in the Latin script, the national Internet domain of the Republic of Serbia is also the Cyrillic domain .срб. This second Internet domain in the Cyrillic characters in the world, after the Russian’s .рф, belongs to the family of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), i.e. to domains written in alphabets other than English.
The Cyrillic domain is a big step forward in developing the Military Technical Courier web site and in the journal’s availability on the Internet.

The integration of the Internet addresses in texts in the Cyrillic alphabet is now much easier. The Cyrillic domain represents a contribution to promoting the Cyrillic alphabet as a computer alphabet, thus enabling it to find its place in the computer era and, consequently, help in preserving the Serbian alphabet and Serbian heritage.

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