Bibliometric Report on the Military Technical Courier for 2013

17. 04. 2014

The Center for Evaluation in Education and Science ( published the Bibliometric Report on Scientific Journals for year 2013 on 16th April 2014. In compliance with established practice, the relevant ministry in the government of the Republic of Serbia was notified so that the results could be dealt with in accordance with the Regulation on Validation, i.e. so that national journals could be classified for 2014.
According to the Report, the Military Technical Courier significantly improved its influence and bibliometric quality (the validation parameters).
The Report was officially published on 16th April for all the volumes of the previous year arriving at the Repository of the National Library of Serbia in due time (31st March of the subsequent year) to be included in the analysis necessary for the Report.
The report can be found at the permanent address
The Bibliometric Report for 2013 is of cumulative nature, encompassing the data from 2002 to the present.

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